Get the Ultimate Protection with Wallet Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max :

Introducing the Scratch-Resistant Material and Card Holder Feature

Are you tired of carrying your wallet and phone separately? Do you want to keep your phone safe from scratches and accidental drops? If yes, then you need a wallet case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The wallet case is a perfect solution to keep your phone and wallet together. It not only offers great protection to your phone but also provides a convenient way to carry your cards and cash.

Our wallet case is specifically designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is made of scratch-resistant material, which means you don’t have to worry about scratches on the surface of your phone. The scratch-resistant material ensures that your phone remains safe and looks new for a longer time.

The wallet case also features a card holder that can hold up to three cards. This feature saves you the hassle of carrying a separate wallet. You can keep your credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards in the card holder, and you’re good to go.


Is the card holder detachable?

No, the card holder is not detachable. It is a part of the wallet case, and it is fixed in its place.

What material is the wallet case made of?

The wallet case is made of high-quality PU leather. The scratch-resistant material is used on the surface to protect your phone from scratches.

Can the wallet case protect my phone from drops?

Yes, the wallet case can protect your phone from accidental drops. It has a shock-absorbing feature that can absorb the impact of the fall.

Can I use wireless charging with the wallet case on?

Yes, the wallet case is compatible with wireless charging. You don’t have to remove the case to charge your phone wirelessly.

Does the wallet case interfere with the camera?

No, the wallet case is designed to provide easy access to all ports and buttons, including the camera. You can take pictures and videos without any interference.


If you’re looking for a wallet case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, then look no further. Our wallet case is made of scratch-resistant material and features a card holder that can hold up to three cards. It provides great protection to your phone and makes it easy to carry your cards and cash. So, get your wallet case today and enjoy the convenience and protection it offers.

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